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I am proud of my age.

My life experiences helped form the present new generation of  people who are the hope for the world.

Yeah, The World, I say.

The GenX/Millennials. They are unlimited, global thinkers who influence each other without the boundaries of race, creed nor country.

The GenX/Millennial’s timeframe is the instantaneous, ever-present now. With a text, tweet, update or necessary e-mail, their minds are not conditioned to wait…to act.

The GenX/Millennial’s mental training resulted in the ability to concisely get to the point without beating around a bush. Communicating so as to not use up 148 characters wastefully, has provided them with the much-needed filter that tosses out the bullshit while sensing out the intent of the messenger before them. It doesn’t matter that they are bombarded with ulterior motives, propaganda, message spinning, media campaigns; they know what you’re really up to and !poof! – there’s nothing to see here – you are moved along.

Antiquated, verbiage screams #FAIL. As well it should; politicians beware.

I feel so comfortable now, in the world I have created I could curl up in an oversized sweater, sit in my bay window and watch the rain as I sip my coffee.

I have always had a Millennial mind.

I have received my fair share of kicks under the table for possessing a, before-its-time, shit detector.  My detector looks like Uncle Martin‘s Martian antenna’s, but invisible and very long, by the way. I know when you are standing right behind me, too.

I have steered many answers that I have received, to questions that I’ve asked, back to port; while throwing out the baggage attached to the response thru evasion, deflection, posturing and condescension.

My day has come, the hard work has paid off, the Millennials are my spawn.

OK, so what did I do?

I spent the formative years of my life in the 60’s and 70’s.

Yes, that was me. I forged the way. I walked into the unknown willingly, following the wafting scent of incense, my eyes gently weeping to the cries of a sitar, my ears being bent by Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.


My Hippie/Rock Wedding…he was a lead guitarist & I was, well, the hippie

The 60’s and 70’s broke the mold of conservative society. I was somehow primed ready and receptive to be taken under the influence of mind altering creative energy that was driving everyone to express themselves in unique ways.

I was fearless, and feeling an inordinate amount of love for everyone and everything.

But wait, there’s more;

The British Rock Invasion (what sound can do to mind is phenomenal)

Transcendental Meditation (what mental sound can do to mind is phenomenal)

Expansion of Consciousness via hallucinogens (what chemicals can do to mind, well I’m not well versed but that happened)

NANCY MAY 2013 A 139

Psychedelic Everything (what visuals can do to mind is phenomenal)

The Assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK (what hopelessness can do to Peace & Love hippies: create cynics who give birth to ironic children)

The Vietnam War at dinner on television; the 1st televised war (what visuals can do to mind is phenomenal)

 Kent State: Parents in Positions of Power Forcing Older Children to Open Fire on their Younger Siblings in College and Kill Them (what visuals can do to the mind is phenomenal)

A lot to think about.

But the young ones are oh so smart, and they are oh so certain.

They are oh so unique and NOT their parents clones, thank God!

I take credit for my part in making the way easy for our GenX/Millennial kidlings to take what I brought to the table and close the deal – in their time.

You’re Welcome.

I also invented rock concerts, BAM.